E21 : The rise of comic books in Singapore (w/ Jerry Hinds)

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Jerry Hinds is the president of the Association of Comic Artist Singapore and the creator of SupaCross, Singapore’s own “World of SupaHeroes Universe”. We talk about the rise of comic books in Singapore, as well as the creative process and the business aspects of creating them. Jerry also introduces us to Singapore’s very own “SupaHeroes” : Singapore Sling & D. Temasek!

If you want to learn more about super-hero comics in Singapore be sure to check out : http://www.acas.org.sg/

We don’t mean to dwell on this, but :

  • Powers to the people!
  • Editing comics is definitely a day-job
  • I’ll see your Aquaman and I’ll raise you my SubMariner
  • Kids these days just want to be Supa
  • Stan Lee is dead, long live Stan Lee!