E25 : 200 years of Singapore history (w/ Jane Iyer)

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This year marks Singapore’s bicentennial, the 200 year anniversary of Sir Stamford Raffles’ arrival. Today our guest is Jane Iyer, who gives us a crash course on Singapore’s history, and we might even touch on some of the darker sides of its colonial past!

We don’t mean to dwell on this, but:

  • Singapore used to be a place of fun Maritime pursuits
  • Be careful going through the Straits
  • If it’s wretched, just give it to the Dutch
  • Cherchez la femme !
  • Singapore’s colonial past is a story of three men and a baby

If you want to learn more about Singapore’s history, you’re in luck : Jane offers out-of-the-ordinary tours, and curates event with an emphasis on the heritage, history, and culture of our “little red dot” of an island. Be sure to check out her website : https://janestours.sg

EP24 : Comedy & improv in Singapore (w/ Phil Gruber)

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Phil Gruber is the founding director of the Singapore Avatars of Improv, where he provides world-class impro-tainment, as well as professional training in all facets of improvisational comedy.

In this episode we take a dive into the cultural side of Singapore. We talk about its blossoming comedy and improv scenes, and explore the creative process of improvisational theatre.

Learn more about the Avatars of Improv at :

We don’t mean to dwell on this, but :

  • Every good wedding has a time traveler
  • What’s the going rate for a Tibetan Lama?
  • You can look it up on google if you don’t believe us
  • It’s all about agreement and heightening
  • What are you willing to put up with?

E23 : Economical Rice For Everyone

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A couple of weeks ago we were interviewed by Danny Koordi on the Economical Rice Podcast. We talked to him about the Chinese social credit system and why some people argue it’s the best thing since sliced bread, as well as the brain and how nobody really knows how it works. We had a lot of fun, so we thought we’d do something special and redistribute the interview here.

Enjoy, and if you like this episode be sure to check out http://economicalricepodcast.com/

E22 : Woo-woo up in Chiang Mai

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This week your two favorite horses talk about the contrasts of Thailand, and Chiang Mai in particular. We also get into the untapped potential of Southeast Asia, discuss the lure of fake spirituality and take an unexpected dip into the wonderful world of conspiracy theories.

We don’t mean to dwell on this, but :

  • Don’t let the Leprechauns trick you with their gold!
  • Daylight is not for everyone
  • If you think you’ve never tasted rat but you’ve had Thai sausage, think again!
  • Polio might be slightly worse than autism
  • A little bit of silence goes a long way

E21 : The rise of comic books in Singapore (w/ Jerry Hinds)

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Jerry Hinds is the president of the Association of Comic Artist Singapore and the creator of SupaCross, Singapore’s own “World of SupaHeroes Universe”. We talk about the rise of comic books in Singapore, as well as the creative process and the business aspects of creating them. Jerry also introduces us to Singapore’s very own “SupaHeroes” : Singapore Sling & D. Temasek!

If you want to learn more about super-hero comics in Singapore be sure to check out : http://www.acas.org.sg/

We don’t mean to dwell on this, but :

  • Powers to the people!
  • Editing comics is definitely a day-job
  • I’ll see your Aquaman and I’ll raise you my SubMariner
  • Kids these days just want to be Supa
  • Stan Lee is dead, long live Stan Lee!

E20 : Taksu, one foot in both worlds (w/ Steve Stine)

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Steve Stine is a former Wall Street Journal correspondent and 30-year Asia Veteran. He shares the story of how, because of an unexpected twist of fate, he ended up in Hong Kong flat broke, and had to hustle to build a new life for himself in Asia. We also discuss the rise of Asia vs the west and speculate where the current economic trends will lead us over the next few decades. And of course Steve tells us about the time a 16 ft python decided to permanently move into his bedroom.

We don’t mean to dwell on this, but :

  • Sometimes even a tiny umbrella won’t save you
  • Hitting rock-bottom gives you license to hustle
  • Magic happens on the other side of a private-jet flight towards an undisclosed location
  • Trees are good. Climate change is bad. Screw it, let’s plant a tree
  • Oprah’s the future, you heard it here first!

Check out Steve’s amazing podcast “Inside Asia”, in which he hosts conversations with Asia’s movers, shakers, thinkers and provocateurs : http://www.insideasiapodcast.com

E19 : 2018 Holiday Special (w/ The Christmas Coconut)

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In this first holiday special, we talk about Christmas traditions from all over the world and what this time of the year means to us as secular humanists / naturalists.

We don’t mean to dwell on this, but:

  • Gather round, children, for the Milking of the Nut!
  • But I swear daddy, I didn’t do anything!
  • New Year’s resolutions are just noises we make with our face
  • No one is prepared for what comes after the Sauerkraut
  • In Singapore, seasons are measured by mall-decorations

This episode is brought to you by Baby Jesus, everyone’s favorite baby.

E18 : Dia de Muertos (w/ Francisco Marin)

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Francisco Marin, an award-winning photographer, tells us about his recent trip through Mexico, the colorful “Dia de Muertos” celebrations he attended there, and how he’s organizing a photography-tour to share his love for Mexican culture.

Also We don’t mean to dwell on this, but :

  • Only gringos dress up as Coco
  • While “Dia de Muertos” is big in Mexico, the USA still prefers “Taco Tuesday”
  • Celebrating the dead only makes sense if they’re not in hell for all eternity (hi, grandma!)
  • Remembering the dead is great, but free beer is greaterer!
  • When traveling through Mexico, you better bring a Big Bad Hombre

E17 : Digital gold and sticky-rice (w/ Sammie Cheston)

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Our guest is Sammie Cheston, a veteran world-traveler who has lived in many countries over the last 20 years. We talk about his current life in Singapore, installing Bitcoin vending-machines and the hustle of running a traditional Thai restaurant.

We don’t mean to dwell on this, but :

  • Sammie Lee is in the place to be!
  • Perfection lies somewhere in between glowing innocence and feeling dirty
  • Life is so much easier with picture-books
  • Everything’s fun and games until someone decides to get rich!
  • Front row is for the foreigners (they like the spatter)

E16 : Family, self-realization & mental illness in Singapore (w/ Davelle Lee)

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We sit down with Davelle Lee to talk about cultural differences between Asian and Western cultures when it comes to parental expectations, emotional distance and the sense of duty and obligation towards one’s family.

We also take a deep dive into the differences between our ideas of self-realization and the ways in which society understands, and reacts to, mental health issues.

Davelle has a great podcast called “Some Scuffs” (https://somescuffs.com), in which she explores the psychological underpinnings of the fears, insecurities, dreams and desires we share in the beautiful city of Singapore. Throughout the episodes, she tries to figure out how each of us can lead happier and freer lives.

Also we don’t mean to dwell on this, but :

  • One of us had to be Asian!
  • Children come in three terrific flavors : engineer, doctor and lawyer
  • In Paris they have to spray for Ballerinas twice a week
  • If you have problems, just drink them off like a man
  • Today’s episode is brought to you by Command Strips & Hooks – they will never leave you hanging!