E15 : Two White Chicks in China (w/ Nora and Hollie)

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We sit down with Nora and Hollie, aka the Two White Chicks in China, to talk about what it’s like to live in China as a foreigner, the super-hustle of Shenzhen (9-9-6 baby!), adapting to Chinese culture and about how in Shenzhen even the homeless take AliPay.

Be sure to check out the Two White Chicks in China podcast here https://www.writtenchinese.com/blog/

We don’t mean to dwell on this, but :

  • Always go straight for the plug
  • Drinking wine at lunch is a fundamental human right
  • Don’t play chicken with the Chinese, they’ll win
  • If a child is running away from you, please don’t feed it
  • Don’t be a thief. Being a thief is bad, m-kay?