E07 : Offal cuisine : eating animals nose to tail

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We sit down with culinary expert Mark Mottram to talk about “Offal eating”, or “Nose-to-Tail” eating, which is where you purposefully eat the bits and parts of the animal that most people would consider garbage and just throw out.

We also ate reheated duck-tongue and sucked the gelatinous fluids out of duck-feet – right here on the show. If that sounds delicious, there’s probably something wrong with you.

We don’t mean to dwell on this but :

  • Just feed them alfalfa and tell them to fuck off
  • Eye-balls are a bit tough
  • The French sure like their maggots
  • Gelatinous fluids are a delicacy
  • It’s not often you get an 18″ organ sitting on your plate

Mark¬†Mottram is the co-owner of the wonderful restaurant “Bakery & Bar” in the Telok Ayer neighbourhood of Singapore. He’s a terrific cook (his freshly baked bread is one of the best of Singapore), so go check it out :¬† https://www.bakeryandbar.com/